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infant death - sids
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The Angelcheeks Foundation exists in part to educate parents about the importance and affordability of obtaining life insurance policies for all of their children.  No parent wants to believe that they will ever lose their child; but the unthinkable can happen.  We want to help parents preserve the memory of their children with dignity and with grace.

To that end we have partnered with Gleaner Life Insurance Society to provide information about the importance and ease of insuring children.

For more information please use the contact below or see GleanerLife.org.

Brian Fazekas, FIC, CSA
Special Representative for Gleaner

Also: learn about deferred giving via life insurance.

We would also like to thank the Sandy Woods Agency for partnering with us. For every life insurance policy sold in September, Sandy Woods Agency is donating $25 to Angelcheeks!

Please support them if you can:

Sandy Woods Agency


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