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Donating to Angelcheeks

In an effort to ensure donors of the legitimacy of our organization, we have partnered with the Battle Creek Community Foundation (BCCF) in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA, to act as our fiscal agent. BCCF has a long and successful history of managing charitable giving and community outreach projects.

All donations to Angelcheeks go directly into a "Donor Advised" fund at BCCF. This means that while money is granted back out to families at the request of Angelcheeks, BCCF has feduciary oversight of all funds, ensuring that any money leaving the fund is going toward the stated purpose of Angelcheeks.

This arrangement allows Angelcheeks to operate under BCCF's 501(c)3 legal nonprofit designation, meaning that all donations made to Angelcheeks are tax-deductable charible donations as described by state and federal law.

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